How to Properly Set Up Your Holiday Inflatable

Today’s the Day You’ve made the commitment.  Your grass has been begging for some excitement since fall arrived and here it is finally…a ten foot tall holiday inflatable decoration for spectators to gaze in awe at its wonderful size and glory.  It’s incredible and yet simple.  But, wait a second…how do you stop this giant … Read more

How to Choose the Right Holiday Inflatable

Just About any Occasion While they may have been introduced as a new type of Christmas decoration back in the early 2000’s, holiday inflatables or yard inflatables, have quickly taken a completely different route than originally anticipated.  From Easter Bunnies, to Giant Turkeys, to Wooden Soldiers, to Dragons, to Star Wars, this air filled industry … Read more

Why Holiday Inflatables?

Are these Types of Decorations Right for You? Since the Christmas season of 2006 where holiday inflatables started to pick up traction, there have been many people who are confused on just why anyone would have such a giant decoration towering over their perfectly groomed landscape or dwarfing their cozy cottage during the holidays. This … Read more

A Brief History of Holiday Inflatables

The Year that Changed the Holiday Decoration Landscape Forever It was Christmas season of the year 2001 where houses were outlined in bright colorful lights, front yards were decorated with small plastic Frosty characters, handmade wreaths were hung on front doors, and red ribbon wrapped around porch columns making them look like candy canes to … Read more