Why Holiday Inflatables?

Are these Types of Decorations Right for You?

Since the Christmas season of 2006 where holiday inflatables started to pick up traction, there have been many people who are confused on just why anyone would have such a giant decoration towering over their perfectly groomed landscape or dwarfing their cozy cottage during the holidays. This can be the case even when there is no holiday with Minions or Star Wars characters randomly placed in a front yard throughout the year.   

Just what makes these decorations so popular and why has this happened?  

Well, the answer might actually be much more simple than you may think.  When the first holiday inflatables were introduced to the market back in 2001 the majority of consumers and retailers alike thought the same thing.  They were giant and would likely make for awkward looking yards when combined with traditional decorations.  As a matter of fact, from the first prototype in early 2000 to where traction really started was about six years and over a thousand designs later!  

Playing to the tune of consumer’s holiday focused emotions, these inflatables were designed after characters of scenes that made people feel good such as Santa, Snow Globes, Navitity Scenes, and more.  Some designs were even retired after a season to create an exclusive feeling among collectors who to this day still seek out current and previous models to add to their ensemble.  What followed was the first true new movement in holiday decor since 1998 where icicle lights ruled the market.

So Many Holiday Inflatables in So Little Time

Today it is not uncommon to see houses with a few (or sometimes even twenty!) of these holiday inflatables in their yard.  But why?  

Perhaps you are in the fence about purchasing one and are unsure if you want to commit to this type of a product which can inadvertently overwhelm your yard during the holiday season or perhaps you just want to know why anyone buys them.  Either way, we have prepared a simple list to help!

What Makes Holiday Inflatables so Popular?

  1. They are Simple.  There is no doubt that untangling a 30ft strand of twisted & tangled lights from last years mid-February re-packing frenzy, locating your ladder, pulling it out from behind piles of boxes in your garage, assembling it, climbing up on top of your roof, dangling off of the side while fearing for your life, and figuring out how to hang your lights just to find out that half of them don’t work simply because of one bulb which you now remember you identified from last year but never marked it and now it’s starting to snow is a complicated and frustrating decorating process.  Rewarding when complete, absolutely, but frustrating nonetheless.  This is where holiday inflatables shine the most.  Remove from box, plug in, tie-down with lawn stakes, and then enjoy.  Period. 
  2. Minimal Time is Needed.  If you do not have time to decorate your house like you may have had in previous years and would really like to have something this year, these are a great solution.  Picking up one or more holiday inflatables and setting them up in an appropriate spot in your yard can be one of the most simple and effective solutions to making a house look decorated on a tight holiday schedule.  
  3. There are Sizes for All.  This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of product.  You can find small holiday inflatables around 20 inches and pretty much every size up to about 20 feet.  Having a 20ft Reindeer in your 15ft front yard is likely not the most fitting application so measuring your area first is always a good first step.
  4. Nightly Showings, Daily Naps.  An interesting effect of holiday inflatables is that during the day while they are powered down, they are removed from your decor leaving for a scene change that can be kind of neat if planned right.  They can be placed behind bushes or shrubs leaving them invisible during the day and when the night falls they slowly climb up from behind the trimmings to reveal a transformed scenery at night.  This can be a very fun effect when done properly.   
  5. Kids Love them. Period.  If you are a fan of children smiling then there is no doubt that this will build a smile that they will never forget.  Children love these bright large characters and ask their parents to pass by houses all season to marvel at their wonder.  The fact that they are deflated during the day gives children something to look forward to each time they pass by your display.  Ask a few parents, I’m sure you will be quite surprised with their answers 🙂